Maybe I'm not at the counter right's how to give me a bell.


My e-mail address is:

penelope's email address


If you care about the privacy of our electronic dialogue, then we can encrypt our messages using PGP. If you use ProtonMail, then you won't need to do anything special, because our communications will be automatically encrypted.

On the other hand, if you use another e-mail provider, there are some steps to setting up your own keypair and encrypting your messages to me correctly. For example, if you use Gmail, then read this guide to get started with PGP.

My public key

If you aren't reaching me via Protonmail, you will need to "import" my public key at some point. I make my public key available as a file (below), which you should download somewhere on your computer. Then, when you are asked to import my key by your email client (or an extension for your client), choose the option which lets you upload a file from your computer, and select the file you just downloaded.

Here is my public key file: penelope.asc

Your first message

Finally, if you aren't using Protonmail, and it is your first time messaging me, you need to let me know what your public key is. The best way, if you are confident you know how to do it, is to "export" your public key as a file and upload it as an attachment to your first mail. If you don't do this, I can't send you encrypted messages back.