I make electronic hip-hop under the name alkaline penelope. All of my releases will be catalogued here. Below, you can also find music from my dormant ambient/IDM project, aethelflaed.


alkaline penelope - LAIN GOT ME FUCKED UP

The virtual world has tunnelled and laid wires into your brain. They are so deeply embedded that you are more comfortable behind a screen than facing the everyday reality in front of you.

Featured on the Virtual Cyberia Experience compilation from IDM label XII.

Listen on Bandcamp:

or play it out loud in the café:


aethelflaed - yearwise 800

Image: yearwise 800
yearwise 800 cover

A chilled-out, lightly tripping evening woven of mellow synths, complex beat-patterns and the stars.


I make music using Ardour and Audacity.