aethelflaed - yearwise 800

yearwise 800 is my first album as aethelflaed. A shortish 23 minutes over 8 tracks, it incorporates the calm of ambient music, the steady beats of lo-fi hip-hop as well as complex, never-repeating IDM arrangements reminiscent of Aphex Twin. The full album is freely available to download below.

The album wakes up to a sunny dawn with the optimistic track today. But the listener is led out of the warmth with more contemplative, even mournful, tracks such as northway, as deep synths and gentle noise take you on a journey to the unforgiving Arctic. The title track, yearwise 800, returns to a tempo suitable for head-bobbing, as elegantly combined electronic melodies dance around meticulously crafted percussion. However, we soon sink back into evening armchair mode in the final phase of the album. meandash - named after a reindeer from the mythology of the Sami people - has the atmosphere of a rainy evening set to powerful drums. Finally, latefrith samples Erik Satie to provide the track's moody piano, backed up by a crisp, cymbal-driven beat. Thus the listener is once again alone.

So sit back, watch the moonrise out the window and reflect; this album is designed for night owls and wee-hours listening. But I won't tell you how to enjoy it. Find out for yourself.

Cover art

yearwise 800 front cover yearwise 800 back/inside cover


1. today...........[ 2:14]
2. moon-on-hill....[ 2:27]
3. northway........[ 3:20]
4. batrachian......[ 3:20]
5. yearwise 800....[ 3:49]
6. stare...........[ 1:12]
7. meandash........[ 3:38]
8. latefrith.......[ 3:14]
~. Running time....[23:14]